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Mark Welle

Woodworking is my way of life. Taking someone's idea, molding it into a conceptual design and making it come true by crafting it with my hands brings me great joy. I enjoy every step of the process from the initial design conversations to the final installation when the new owners hopes and dreams have been met and hopefully exceeded.


If you take a look through my portfolio you'll find a variety of projects. Welle Woodworking encompasses an array of products. Projects are prodominantly custom with few inventory items which are sold first come first serve. 


With an ever evolving society of automated production I believe the art of hand crafted woodworking will maintain it's presence. While I have an appreciation for the innovative technologies being implemented into the wood industry and acknowledge their importance; woodworking is still an artform that has a long and prominent history which shall live on for many lifetimes to enjoy.

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